What Is A Misfit?

What is a motivated misfit you ask?

That’s such a loaded question but it can best be summed up like this…

A Motivated Misfit is anyone that has really big dreams and goals but doesn’t make the status quo that society says we have to live up to. In other words we aren’t going to change who we are and if we want to wear a batman t-shirt to work then that is our God given right dammit! Most of us have probably experienced a ton of rejection in life but regardless we still have really big goals such as starting our own business, writing a book, getting that high paying job, getting into real estate, breaking into hollywood or doing something online. When other people hear what we want to do 80% of them (probably it depends on what type company you keep in your network) are telling you to “forget about that crap and go do something lame like get a 9-5 at Dairy Queen” and the other 20% might encourage us to “follow our dreams” but currently we don’t have anyone giving us an action plan to turn what we want into a reality. Some of us may even think we can’t do it because of the existing “hand of cards” that we have been dealt in life. And that’s why the Motivated Misfit Movement was started. To provide a blueprint on what you need to do and more importantly what you need to NOT do to make what you want in life actually happen.






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