Top 3 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Has ZERO Chance At Winning


I’m just gonna be honest… I am a Trump supporter (there I said it) but I’m also an information and political marketing expert so I think that still qualifies me to write an unbiased article on why Bernie Sanders has no shot.

Now before I get into the no non-sense logic and details on my take on Bernie let me also add that I’ve recently been a very public advocate for legalizing cannabis. You can see here where I went before the Tampa City Council and told my story.

Lot’s of good people that are suffering as a result of not being able to legally take cannabis as medicine to treat their illness (but to be fair and if we’re really honest there are also just a bunch of hipsters, hippies & college kids that just want to get high).

As I’ve gotten to know a lot of the good people in this movement and gotten familiar with their beliefs and the rest of their politics I’ve noticed that the majority of them are huge Bernie Sanders supporters. Some of them are even a bit “off balance” because the most important thing in their life… is weed.

Although I am an advocate for legalizing medical marijuanna it’s not the most important issue that our country faces. Things like the economy, national security & what the heck are we going to do about the Islamic sleeper cells currently living in our country are probably a slightly bigger priority than smoking weed without getting arrested…

…but that’s just my opinion.

With that being said I think that the Bernie fans are a bit out of touch with reality when it comes to having any chance of getting him elected. Yes I think he’s an honest guy, I think he’s a good guy but there is this document called the Constitution (you may have heard of it) and the first line reads “We the People…”.

If you can’t convince the majority of the people that you deserve to be President than you don’t deserve to be President. Bernie has complained that the media hasn’t given him fair coverage compared to the rest of the Presidential candidates but guess what?

Bernie is not entitled to get a fair and equal amount of press coverage because that’s not how the world or the constitution (ever hear of freedom of the press?) works.

Now on this blog I already know I have a decent following of liberals (because I look like a liberal but I’m actually a conservative in disguise… kind of like a secret agent), so hopefully I don’t piss off half of my audience.

Some of the Bernie fans reading this article may try and convince me with his policies as to why he’s the best president. You can see all of Bernie’s policies on his website here.

The truth is the majority of people who actually vote don’t study policies with a fine tooth comb. They make their voting decisions based on emotion.

So rather than diving into the nitty gritty and picking apart all of the reasons why some of his policies are fairy tails I’d rather just cut through the B.S. and explain the main reason why he will never get elected…

Reason 1: His following is mostly just college students, hipsters and hippies.

Let’s look at his main message that he preaches from stage:

– College should be free

– Healthcare should be free

– Weed should be legal

– You’re entitled to a job

…let’s not forget…

– Wall Street is evil

Now I’m not saying Wall Street isn’t evil but when that is your message who are you going to attract?

Answer: Mostly college students, hipsters and hippies that were programmed by intellectual college professors who have never done anything in the real world. Now I know that what I said is offensive to all the hippies that are reading this article and I know that the people who think they aren’t hippies find this offensive because they “aren’t into labels”.

That brings up another problem: Because this “hipster mindset” of the majority of his base aren’t into labels that means that a decent percentage of them are Independent voters and refuse to register as a Democrat. If you don’t register as a Democrat in some States you can’t even vote or Caucus for Bernie.

Now keep in mind if you think I’m being judgmental… You would be correct. I’m totally judging by labeling most (80%) of his following as college students, hipsters and hippies (we could probably even throw in a couple Emo’s in there as well which broadens his base). This is my constitutional right of free speech to label people the way that I perceive them. But don’t take my word for it. Just go to any Bernie rally (I went to one) or watch videos of his followers on Youtube. Try and count how many of them would not fall into the category of college student, hipster or hippie. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack!

Reason 2: He actually labels himself as a socialist.

Now as mentioned before I know that the majority of his followers aren’t into labels but guess what?

Bernie is. Now I know that the majority of the Bernie fans will argue that he’s a “Democratic Socialist” which they think is somehow less Communist than a “Regular Socialist” but it doesn’t really matter.

Remember what I said before, most people make their voting decisions based on emotion and you might not be aware that anyone that was born before 1982 grew up with the belief that “Socialism is 1 step away from Communism and Communism is evil and never works”.

Now I’m not saying that Bernie is evil and you could even try to debate how Bernie really isn’t a Communist but I’m just telling you from a political marketing perspective of what conversation is going on in the Voters heads. Once they hear the word “Socialism” the ones that were born before 1982 that still lean to the left are out. There is no convincing them. They would rather vote for Hillary even though they know she is probably a liar.

It doesn’t come down to hour long intellectual policies. There is no convincing these people. So let’s review…

Democrat (sounds like Democracy) = Good

Socialist (that’s almost Communism) = Bad

That’s what they are thinking. I also suspect that a decent chunk of Bernie fans that want to “feel the bern” may have been lead to believe that the word Socialism means “Social Issues” (which it doesn’t).

Reason 3: When it comes down to brass tax a decent percentage of his fans won’t actually vote.

Even though his rallies draw bigger crowds than Hillary because his demographic is under 30, going to college, or is labeled as a hipster or hippie on voting day they won’t be responsible enough to actually vote.

There are several reasons for this of course but I’m just going to list the most obvious ones…

– They got too drunk the night before and are too hung over to vote

– They were too high on voting day and forgot their ID that they left at their friends house the other night while smoking a bowl.

– They are registered as an independent because they aren’t into labels and didn’t realize that their State only lets them vote for Bernie if they are a registered Democrat.

– They aren’t registered at all because “The System Is Rigged” (but they did buy a “Feel The Bern” T-Shirt so at least they did something).

– They had to cram for a final and didn’t have time.

…now the good news is most of these Bernie fans that actually do vote still hate Hillary.

This is a very good thing for Trump.

I’ve had conversations with several of them and most of them agree that if it comes down to Trump or Hillary that they either won’t vote at all or they will vote Trump in the general election.

We all know that Hillary is in bed with the Drug companies that don’t want Medical Cannabis legalized, however Trump has been pretty silent on this issue up until this point and it hasn’t been covered by the mainstream media (and the reason for this is, is because Trump is focusing on the Conservative Right Wingers and we all know most Right Wingers don’t want weed legalized because they think it’s evil).

Trump did comment on it when asked directly at one of his Rally’s which you can see here…

…He’s actually for it, he just doesn’t want to make it a Federal issue, he wants to make it a State issue (and if you’re trying to have a chance to get elected as President that’s really the best answer). You have to remember that there are a lot of Bible Thumpers out there that still think it’s a gateway drug and Trump needs their vote just as much as he needs the vote of the Tree Hugging Hippies (see I label and make fun of the people on the right just as much as I do the people on the left because I’m trying to be unbiased).

With that answer he will end up getting both. I realize that’s probably not the answer that the Hippies, Hipsters and College Students want, but when compared to Hillary on the whole weed thing he’s certainly the “lesser of 2 evils” when it comes to weed.

I look forward to all the Bernie fans trading their “Feel The Bern” t-shirts in for “Making America Great Again” come the general election.

So there you have it…that’s my prediction.

We can certainly debate on why you think I’m wrong, why Bernie isn’t a Communist or how I’m a terrible person for labeling most Bernie followers as just College students, Hipsters and Hippies but here is the bottom line…

You can’t win an election when your following is made up of 80% college students, hipsters and hippies (and maybe a few emo’s). There just aren’t enough of them to go around to win the will of the people. Just look at the fact that he’s competing with a candidate that is currently being investigated by the FBI and he’s still getting his ass kicked anyways!

If the current generation of Bernie followers really want to accomplish their goal of full blown socialism and entitlements by electing a President into office they would have to stop using condoms and stop getting so many abortions that way they can brainwash their kids to think like they do so that they become the next generation of hipsters and hippies that will outnumber everyone else in about 20 or 30 years.

The only problem with that theory is it could backfire if their kids rebel against their socialistic views by becoming Patriotic Bible Thumping Republicans due to their mommy and daddy issues…

…only time will tell!

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Be Bold. Make Things Happen.

Nathan Jurewicz

The Motivated Misfit Mascot

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