Top 7 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Kicking Everyone’s Ass

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There seems to be a disconnect by Democrats, Republicans and Independents who don’t like Trump.  They can’t seem to solve the mystery of why he’s kicking everyone’s ass.

Political science majors, politicians, economists, reporters and several overeducated Ivy League graduates that are completely out of touch with reality are flabbergasted.

“How did this happen?” they ask themselves.

Well, before I get into the nitty gritty of “how,” Trump’s success in politics can really be summed up in one sentence…

The American People Are Not As Dumb As The Establishment Thinks

OK. There, I said it. I’m done working for the day. I think I’ll just end this article with that sentence and go to Starbucks and grab a vanilla latte decaf with soy milk and extra cinnamon…

…I’m just kidding actually (I’m already at Starbucks.) So here we go….

Reason 1: The Whole “Establishment” Thing is Real and The American People Know It

I don’t like to be one of those “crazy conspiracy theorists” so I’m not going to start making crazy claims such as “9-11 was an inside job” (even though it was) or that a lot of the school shootings like Sandy Hook were faked to convince the American people that guns are bad (which actually kind of makes sense.)

I will, however, bring up a few “elephants in the room” that most people who live in pretend land either never realized or don’t want to deal with…

  • There are people who sell guns, bullets and missiles, etc., to the military who make a lot of money off of wars
  • There are people who own oil companies who make money off of oil
  • These same people are in bed with mainstream media channels such as MSNBC, CNN and FOX
  • These people also are the ones who are paying for campaigns for 90% of the politicians in Washington, DC

This means that when we are at war or any kind of conflict with any country then these people make money.

Trump pretty much exposes this reality in several of his speeches, but most specifically in front of 24 million people in one of the first Republican debates here…

…notice he didn’t actually say anything about the “War Machine” or “Corrupt Drug Companies” specifically. He just gave enough information so he doesn’t sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist, so that the smart people who actually have common sense can read between the lines.

He pretty much admitted that he was part of this system but not to the extent of being in bed with “the really evil people.” He just said that he was able to look really cool by having Hillary come to his wedding.

People like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio never had a chance – no matter how much better their policies or debating skills or political correctness may sound compared to Trump. Voters know that “If I vote for this douche bag he really doesn’t have my best interest in mind because those same drug companies, arms dealers and oil companies, etc., are funding their campaigns.”

When Trump says he is self funding his campaign that is a HUGE objection that the establishment guys can’t really overcome in their message or in a live debate. Everyone knows that hotels, casinos, buildings and golf clubs don’t kill people for profit so they give him a pass on being a billionaire.

So this means that every single time Trump is attacked by an establishment candidate, the mainstream media or a prominent figure that is considered part of the establishment it actually helps Trump’s poll numbers.

This is because it reconfirms the belief in the Trump voter’s head that “the establishment is against him.” So the people are willing to look past all of the outlandish, borderline offensive or arrogant remarks that Trump makes.

I’m sure that once Trump gets the Republican nomination he is going to have to start stealing more voters on the left, so I’m betting that he will start talking more about the types of things that the left actually care about like clean energy, the environment and the “big, bad drug companies” (hint, hint… weed.)

Reason 2: He Manipulates The Media By Beating Them At Their Own Game

Trump doesn’t need to hire a P.R. executive to tell him what to say. He’s been dealing with reporters for over 30 years and knows their game.

The system is already unfair to get an outsider elected which means Trump doesn’t play fair either. He is totally cheating.

Remember he’s going up against the Press who have it in their best interest to have someone like Bush, Rubio or Hillary in office so from the start it’s already an unfair battle with a rigged system.

He’s running his entire campaign off the top of his head. Meanwhile, other candidates have consultants and pollsters advising them on what to say, based on what they think the American people want to hear.

Not Trump.

He’s even said that “He sometimes says outlandish things in the press on purpose to gain attention,” in his book, “The Art of the Deal.”

This reminds me of a book I once read on public relations marketing by Ryan Holiday called “Trust Me I’m Lying – Confessions of a Media Manipulator”…


…this book tells the story of the “dark arts” of how to market various products and services by exploiting the Press and beating them at their own game.

Really good read but I have to warn you that it’s kind of a dark book.

One of the stories in the book that really stuck out to me involved a situation where the author was doing all the marketing and P.R. for a book called, “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell,” written by Tucker Max.

This book tells several offensive yet entertaining stories of a young man’s young adult life involving sleeping with several women, drinking, partying and abortions.

He knew ahead of time that he was going to get a lot of bad press and blowback from the Christian conservatives so instead of hiding it from them he exploited it.

He tells a story of how he advertised the book on a giant billboard and then intentionally hired protestors to splash paint over the billboard. He then made an entire story of it and anonymously leaked the story to several different Christian conservative and “right leaning” websites and blogs. Guess what happened next?…

  • The Right Leaning Christian Evangelicals Called for a Boycott of the Book
  • The book then went on to be a New York Times best seller and has since sold several million copies.

…this just proves how completely clueless and unaware a lot of mainstream Evangelicals can be. Their judgmental and self-righteous behavior often times does more harm than good.

Trump applies these same “tactics” but of course without being that deceptive. His formula is pretty simple whenever he gives speeches or conducts interviews when he knows the camera is on him…

  • He usually has already calculated in his head what sound bite the Press is most likely to use because he knows how they think.
  • He usually says something outlandish that the Press is likely to use as a negative.
  • What the Press doesn’t understand (because they are out of touch with reality and with what the American people who vote actually think) is that the middle class, blue collar white American voter actually agrees with most of these outlandish things.

…and even if they don’t completely agree with it they at least find it humorous (although most probably wouldn’t admit that publicly.)

The whole thing that started all of this craziness was one paragraph that Trump said when he announced he was running, which labeled him as a “racist and a bigot”…

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

…what the media, establishment and a lot of people on the left can’t get their head wrapped around is that people actually agree with that statement because, although slightly exaggerated, in a lot of cases it’s true.

People actually do sneak across the border who end up being criminals and anyone that has watched a season or two of the hit series “Breaking Bad” knows that the cartels really are bringing over drugs across the border.

Statistics aren’t racist, being a racist is, which leads us to our next reason…

Reason 3: White People Are Sick Of Being Called Racist Who Have Never Committed a Crime Or Actually Done Anything Racist

There is a lot of emphasis that is put on “the Hispanic vote” or “the African American vote” but everyone seems to look over the fact that 70% of Americans are white.

The white people aren’t allowed to have their own cable channel like WET (white entertainment) or have their own clubs because the K.K.K. pretty much screwed that up for us.

It’s gotten so bad that, as a white person, if I were to say something like, “while people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned,” then in a lot of cases I would be labeled as a racist.

That isn’t racist… that’s a statistic. Statistics aren’t racist, they are numbers.

The same thing applies when Trump talks about Mexicans and the media calls him a racist. White people get pissed because they know it’s not racist, which makes them want to vote for Trump even more.

Same thing applies to the Muslim thing. When Trump called to ban all Muslims people also called him a racist. I don’t think that the people who said that even realize that Islam is not a race – it’s a religion and it welcomes all races to it’s belief system, so that doesn’t even make any sense.

You could even put the shoe on the other foot by throwing out a true, negative statistic about their race, such as saying to any typical, non racist white person in America that…

“100% of the K.K.K. are white”.

…as a white person that doesn’t offend me in the least bit because I know that it’s true. Why should it be any different when someone says that most people in prison are black or the majority of illegal drugs in America are coming from Mexico?

It’s not racist if it’s a true statistic and the law abiding, blue collar white Americans are getting sick of it. Trump is one of the first people to speak on their behalf because they don’t feel like they are even allowed to say such things (which is a big reason as to why they are voting for him.)

That doesn’t mean that the majority of his base hate blacks or hispanics (although he does have some racist supporters.) Just because he has racist supporters doesn’t mean that Trump, himself is a racist.

I’d be shocked if I didn’t have some racist followers of my own because, contrary to what a lot of people living in “fairy tale” land believe, there are racist people that live in America and even though they are racist they still are allowed to vote. These people still have jobs and businesses and trucks with confederate flags on them… probably selling moonshine or something more “redneck.”

The Constitution doesn’t say “if you’re racist you can’t vote.” That’s just not how the world actually works and is not part of the reality that we live in.

Reason 4: He’s The Only One To Talk About The Problem We Have With Islam

You do realize that 15 years ago two buildings came down and 3,000 innocent people in America died, right?

Yes, you could say that “It’s our fault because we are the real terrorists,” or whatever, but the only way you’re going to get someone to drive a plane into a tower is if they think God told them to do it.

If Islam did not exist the towers wouldn’t have come down.

Now the conspiracy theorists will tell you that the CIA really put the terrorists up to doing it (which may actually be true) but you can’t just hire someone to blow themselves up. What would the comp package look like in that contract? That would be interesting which is why I don’t think the CIA has the authority to promise you 72 virgins in paradise but a book written 1600 years ago apparently does.

Did I say that all Muslims are terrorists?

No, I most certainly did not.

But it is a problem and Trump has the balls to actually say something about it whether you want to admit it or not…

A Lot of Americans Agree With What Trump Said

…this is why his poll numbers actually went up when he called to ban all Muslims.

A lot of the tree-huggers and hippies who don’t know anything about Islam like to label us Christian Evangelicals as “Islamaphobes.”

But if you study Islam and what it actually teaches it’s pretty evident that of the 1.6 billion Muslims living in the world they fit into one of four categories…

  • Jihadists (the ones who kill people)
  • The ones who are peaceful but agree with the Jihadists
  • Peaceful Muslims who don’t want to hurt anyone because they don’t know what the Quran actually says (kind of like Christians who go to church on Easter and Christmas but have never actually read or studied the Bible)
  • Peaceful Muslims who do know what the Quran says but want to somehow change the message of what Muhammed actually taught and what he actually did

…now the scary statistic is that 15-25% of the 1.6 billion Muslims living in the world agree with what the Jihadists did on September 11th and want Sharia law enacted everywhere in the world.

That is at least 250 million people who want to kill us. Now I know that’s a very “offensive and politically incorrect” thing to say but the fact is that it’s all fun and games until your daughter gets raped and beheaded for not believing in Islam. I want you to imagine that happening for just a minute, and if you don’t have a daughter (I don’t) then imagine that happening to someone else who you love. This is not a joke, people, and Trump knows it.

I’ll give you a quick crash course on what Muhammed (the dude that started Islam) did…

Roughly 600 years after Jesus, Muhammed went into a cave and claims that an “Angel Calling Himself Gabriel” appeared to him and basically told him that “The Bible didn’t get it right and Jesus did not actually die on the cross.” Then “Gabriel” told him what to write down in a book that we now know as the Quran. Muhammed started out converting people to Islam peacefully but eventually started killing people, raping women and he even married a 6 year old girl (but because he’s such a holy roller he didn’t have sex with her until she was 9.) The Quran specifically says that it’s even ok to lie if it’s for the good of Islam.

I’ve had several conversations with peaceful Muslims and over time I bring up their religion’s skeletons that are in the closet. They don’t seem to want to talk to me anymore – I can’t understand why.

So I know that a lot of people like to compare Islam to Christianity as being the same thing (because let’s be honest God was kind of a dick in the Old Testament, specifically in the book of Leviticus, but that’s another blog post for another day), but let’s look at the facts…

  • The guy who started Islam raped and killed people, had sex with a 9 year old girl and told people it’s OK to lie if it’s for Islam.
  • The guy who started Christianity (Jesus) told people to love their enemies.

…If anyone who grew up in a non religious, agnostic household, who was thinking about joining “Team Muhammed” or “Team Jesus” really studied both religions and what these two prominent figures actually did from a completely unbiased point of view, I can’t possibly understand why anyone would join “Team Muhammed.” I just don’t get it.

Oh and by the way… bringing up the Crusades is still cheating. There are arguments on both sides but a lot of historians will tell you that what the Christians did during the Crusades was self defense but I wasn’t there so I can’t say for certain.

I will say that anytime there are “Christian Groups” killing innocent people for no reason that they are not actually doing what Jesus instructed us to do. Example being when the K.K.K. decided it was a good idea to hang black people from trees… Yeah, Jesus never said it was a good idea to do that and I don’t think that’s what he meant when he said to “love your enemies.”

The “terrorists,” on the other hand, are doing exactly what Muhammed instructed his followers to do. They really shouldn’t be called Muslim extremists if you think about it. They should just be called Muslims. The nice Muslims really are the “back slidden Muslims.” Kind of like how when a Christian doesn’t follow the 10 commandments… like that but not.

My point is Islam is kind of a problem and Trump is the only one with the balls to say anything about it.

And his voters agree with him because they understand that the threat is real.

Let me make clear because I know this section of this post is going to get me into trouble with some of my Muslim friends. I’m not saying that all Muslims agree with what the terrorists are doing. I’m just saying that 15-25% of them do.

When you look at the root cause of the majority of the wars in the Middle East against both Israel and America, even though it is somewhat about oil it’s more about an angel that appeared to a dude in a cave 1400 years ago (and common sense would indicate that the angel that appeared to Muhammed wasn’t exactly an angel if you catch my drift.)

Reason 5: When Trump Makes Statements That Are Politically Incorrect His Voters Think That It’s Funny And Entertaining (Because It Is)

People trust people who tell the truth. Things in our country have gotten so bad that people are willing to look past Trump’s arrogance, his divorces and off-color statements he’s made about women in the past.

Listen to the reaction of the crowd when he answered this question during a live debate (which is the one that started the Megan Kelly feud)…

Or how he handles this reporter when referring to “Anchor Babies”…

And this is probably the most hilarious statement when referring to the size of his hands in front of 24 million people…

…there are countless other examples but people can’t seem to understand how he gets away with this.

“That’s not very Presidential!” some people might say. I think what people forget about is the percentage of men in America who have all made similar “perverted” statements and/or jokes, etc., behind closed doors in a locker room, or when they are having a beer with a couple of guys…

…pretty much 100% of them. I definitely have (and so have you.)

That goes for you too, ladies. We all know how you girls can get after you’ve knocked back a few. In some cases you’re more perverted than the men (I have female spies that have confirmed this to be true.)

As a matter of fact a recent poll (that I just made up) shows that 75% of Americans are perverts and of those surveyed 90% of the perverts are voting for Trump :)

This is probably one of the most overlooked reasons why he’s doing so well and why the television ratings are so high. People are asking themselves, “I wonder what outlandish, perverted or politically incorrect thing, that everyone is already thinking in their head, he will say next.”

Reason 6: People Believe He Will Actually Get Shit Done

What do you think would happen if you told Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Marco Rubio to go get a skyscraper built on time and on budget and have it be profitable from the ground up?

It would be a total and complete disaster. 

Critics like to say that Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It’s true that his dad was a millionaire but he was a “slumlord” millionaire, meaning that he made his money with low income housing and low margins.

The fact that Trump turned a multimillion-dollar operation into a multibillion-dollar operation is a bit more impressive than starting with nothing. You ever meet a rich kid who is born into wealth before?I have. Let’s just say they aren’t usually the sharpest tools in the shed because they don’t have any reason to accomplish much because they don’t have to.

Trump did it anyway. Just look at the way he’s running his campaign? He’s getting more done, shaking more hands, kissing more babies and talking to more people than every other candidate combined.

And he’s filling stadiums that look like this…

trump-crowd-01 (1)

…most days he’s in two or three different cities. He has it organized so that the people come into an airport hangar, he gets off his private plane, speaks for an hour or two, walks back on his plane and goes to the next spot.

He’s spent less than any of the other candidates and I would imagine his people have probably negotiated a lot better deals with the locations for all the events he’s been holding.

It’s really not even fair that he has an operation that’s this well organized. He’s able to reach and talk to, in person, more people than any other Presidential candidate has before.

In the back of people’s heads they’re already thinking, “If he’s getting this much done in this little time, just while campaigning, imagine what things will be like if he gets into office.”

Reason 7: His Message Is Easy For Anyone To Understand

In prior elections it used to be that the candidate that sounded the smartest was the one people voted for, even if they didn’t understand what the candidate was talking about…

“I like him because he’s so well spoken”

…would be a common remark from supporters of the winning candidate. They probably didn’t understand the complicated statistics and detailed foreign policy talk, but if their candidate seemed to know what he was talking about that’s all that mattered to them.

That is Not The Case With Trump

His voters actually understand most of his policies. Most of the “Trump Haters” haven’t actually taken the time to listen to one of his speeches.

If you’re interested there is a Youtube Channel called Right Side Broadcasting that airs all of his speeches here…

…it’s obviously more fun to see him live and in person because the energy is so much different.

The whole racism thing that his fans have been accused of isn’t even true. I went to the rally that he had in Orlando with one of my African American friends and she experienced zero dirty looks.

As a matter of fact the Trump people gave her a free hat and the people we were sitting next to were very friendly and she had several conversations with a few different Trump supporters.

The only people that get thrown out and “experience racism and bigotry” are the ones that go into an event looking for trouble.

So that pretty much wraps up this article. Feel free to comment below with your feedback (even you don’t like what I had to write).

Yes I am a Trump supporter so some may view this article as “biased” but I’m also a marketing expert and I’m simply stating my opinion with common sense logic on how people think and why I believe he’s winning. :)

Be Bold. Make Things Happen.

Nathan Jurewicz

The Motivated Misfit Mascot

P.S. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media and feel free to comment below with your feedback (even you don’t like what I had to write.)

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