Nathan Jurewicz

aboutnathanNathan Jurewicz has leopard print hair, he intentionally under-dresses at private events, and uses these things to fuel his insecurities to keep himself single. But lets back up.After being secretly bullied through the 8th grade his parents further bulldozed his social skills by pulling him out of public school and home schooling him. (In all honestly, he does have amazing parents, and you’re about to see why.) After making no money as a street juggler, he stumbled into retail sales which is just as glamorous as it sounds. Eventually he became an entrepreneur and excelled in stuff like real estate & internet marketing.

He’s done over 150 real estate deals and sold over $10,000,000 worth of products on the internet however in 2013 he was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder, wasn’t able to work for over 2 years and lost it all. He is getting back on the bandwagon and documenting him getting back into real estate with no money and no credit because to be honest… at the time of this writing he literally has no money and no credit! Despite these things, He’s made a habit of stumbling into opportunity after opportunity. By accident… sort of (not really)… I don’t understand it either. He teaches actionable, step-by-step methods for getting anything you want. (Unless you’re trying to start a meth lab. Knock that shit off and get your ass to church) His heroes are Tiger Woods, Tim Ferris, Tony Stark, Dudley DoRight, Jesus and that dude from the viral Dollar Shave Club Youtube Video (Google it). His favorite thing to do is inspiring others to achieve their goals (no matter how big or small that goal may be) in a completely unconventional way. This isn’t the “Ra Ra” feel good stuff either. And he’s about to teach you how to get anything you want.Seriously…No B.S.

The Doll

thedollThis guy is a total misfit “who made it” and is not really a people person and prefers to remain anonymous (because he’s an introvert). He’s a very wealthy real estate investor but few people actually know who he is (he’s not a guru or anything like that). He has several names that he goes by like “The Marionette Man” or “The Ventriloquist” but those that know him best usually refer to him as “The Doll”. He gets that name because he is always behind scenes pulling the strings and financing real estate Investment deals and Internet marketing businesses so he has all these “Little Dolls” all over the place. He is the “puppet master” and Nathan Jurewicz is his puppet.

He comes from a very powerful family of “Doctors” and was pressured to enter the “family business”. After graduating from college and getting his CPA he read the book “The 4 Hour Work Week” and decided to quit his job and pursue his career as an entrepreneur. He now makes more money than all of his family and they can’t seem to figure out why.

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