3 Reasons Why Ben Carson Will Be Donald Trumps Running Mate…


I realize that it’s pretty ballsy to make a statement so bold (especially since I could be wrong), but after I watched the very first Republican debate back in August of 2015 I thought to myself, “Trump and Carson… that’s going to be the winning ticket.”

I was even quoted by local media in my hometown of Tampa, FL while attending a Ben Carson book signing here back in November. Here is the quote…

“I think he’s going to make a really good running mate for Trump eventually, I think that’s ultimately what will happen. I don’t necessarily believe that he has the business sense  that Trump has,” said Jurewicz.

…when I look at the big picture in the political arena while most people are thinking, “Oh I like this guy and I like that guy – they would make a good team”… I think this is the wrong approach.

Trump isn’t going to team up with a guy like Chris Christie. They are just a couple of white guys and a lot of people on the left don’t like Christie so he would alienate many of Trump’s potential voters.

From a political marketing perspective you have to look at what would increase Trump’s base to reach as large a demographic as possible.

Although there may be other variables in Trump’s decision making to choose his running mate, involving backroom deals that the public isn’t privy to, Carson makes the absolute most sense. Here’s why…

Reason 1: Carson is Black

Do you think Obama would have won the last two elections if he was white?

No way. He was such a marketable candidate because the first thing people base their voting decision on is appearance. The second thing they base their decision on is what comes out of their mouth. Lastly would be their actual policies (and you have a whole slew of other variables that I haven’t mentioned which come before that.)

With Obama, if you’re black you vote for him no matter what and if you’re white you vote for him just to prove that you’re not a racist.

It’s the truth and anyone who won’t acknowledge this simple, yet politically incorrect statement is a bit delusional.

It’s going to be 10x easier for Trump to steal a large percentage of the African American vote from the left if he has a black running mate. The uninformed Black Lives Matter protestors currently invading the Trump rallies and behaving like the Pirates of the Caribbean will look more clueless than they already do when there is a black man, who’s actually on the ticket, speaking at the rallies alongside Trump.

Reason 2: Carson is Viewed as a “More Authentic” Christian

He’s never been divorced, he doesn’t curse, he has no skeletons in his closet and he doesn’t attack people verbally or call people names.

Right now all of the Bible-thumping Cruz supporters are going to have to settle for Trump (because there is no way they are going to vote for Hillary) and this will be an easier “sell.” They’re going to feel all “warm and fuzzy” inside if they know Carson is somewhat involved in Trump’s decision making, once he’s president.

And if you ask current Trump supporters they will all tell you that they like Carson. As a matter of fact the only thing I’ve ever seen them complain about was when Trump posted a negative video about Carson on his Facebook wall. They didn’t like it when Trump did that. They’ve since resolved that matter, so it’s all water under the bridge now, hence the Carson endorsement.

Reason 3: He Knows More About Health Care Than Any Other Presidential Candidate

You do realize that this guy is a doctor who separated conjoined twins who were attached at the head, right?

That’s probably the most likeable profession you could possibly have. A doctor who helps children.

Trump is often criticized for “not knowing anything about health care” (which isn’t even true), but with a former M.D. on the ticket that objection is smashed into smithereens.

Have you ever asked a doctor what they think about Obamacare?

I have… They all hate it. Most have to hire a full-time accountant just to keep track of the bureaucracy involved in government health care. This is not what they signed up for when they went to medical school. They are doctors, not accountants!

Because Carson understands the problem with healthcare from all points of view…

  • The Business and Cost Analysis Point of View
  • The Political Point of View
  • The People’s Point of View
  • The Doctor’s Point of View

…he has the most credibility to be able to come up with a solution which actually works. He can talk circles around any politician on this subject (except for Rand Paul, who’s also a doctor.)

So there you have it. Don’t be too surprised if you see Trump make an announcement with Carson on the ticket sooner rather than later. He will be able to broaden his base to include more African American, Christian and health care conscious voters which will give him the ammo he needs to defeat Hillary in a general election (at least that’s what I think.) :)

Be Bold. Make Things Happen.

Nathan Jurewicz

The Motivated Misfit Mascot

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